At Golden Gate Cinema, we strongly believe in the power of Citizen Diplomacy—the individual citizen's right, even responsibility, to help improve foreign relations. Citizen Diplomacy can effectively bring people together, especially when official diplomacy fails.

Citizen Diplomats are individuals who promote, in one way or another, understanding and cooperation among others. They have curiosity about and appreciation for other cultures and possess a passion for humanity and its rich diversity.

Citizen Diplomacy allows people from all walks of life to participate in making the world a more productive and peaceful place. Everyday citizens including students, teachers, athletes, business people, health practitioners, volunteers, organizational leaders, artists, scientists, or researchers engage in Citizen Diplomacy by interacting with others in foreign nations and cultures.

Iran: Hot Tea, Cool Conversations is dedicated to Citizen Diplomats everywhere. Our goal is to increase awareness of Citizen Diplomacy, its global impact, and future potential so that more Americans recognize the importance of assuming their responsibility to develop constructive foreign relations.

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